Why wall cladding system

The above Photo indicates a typical condition on renovation site that we can imagine so many processes are required in building up the partition wall from internal frames, fixing wall panels, stucco work to fill up all the gap and edges, sanding process and cycles of painting to get proper result. No matter on materials together with operation cost is definitely very high and long processing time by skillful workers that couldn't  push up. Apart from that, the dusty cloud spread all over the place with strong smell of painting chemicals solvent that is harmful to health under the working environment in long run.

We need a new way for cost effective solution with significant improvement in all circumstances!

Wall Cladding System with innovative design

We help builders to break through technical boundary from conventional old processes on renovation work, speeding up construction process with significant improvement that save operation cost and save time. We help architects to develop wall cladding decorative fixture from conceptual plan by providing technical design solution to supply of pre-fabricated panel modules ready for immediate installation. Use of materials can be many types as long as it available on the building material market which is subject to the area of application and specific project requirement, panel modules design include standard and custom options that fulfil personal preference on every architectural project case.

Key Benefits   

cost effective fixture solution

Outstanding short cut solution that help us eliminate a
lot of timely consuming processes on renovation work,
let's significantly saving cost and time.

Boost up work efficient

Brand new technical design giving ease of installation, less technical skill requires and less man power to handle, high operation efficient means shorten construction lead time!

Unleash design inspiration 

Unlimited choice of material board can be used as cladding panel as long as it available on the building material markets and its' great flexibility on cladding pattern design that fulfill any personalized preferences.

Environmental and health protection

With cladding system, we produce less construction waste materials, less dusty work, less harmful chemicals evaporated from painting solvent, less consumption in materials/energy that help our global less contamination.

Installation demo

It comes with both standard and customized pre-fabricated modules ready for immediate installation upon cargo arrival, brand new technical design enables us ease of installation, boost operation efficient to the highest level, eliminate those old processes that save cost and time with excellent result.

The pre-fabricated modules available with many design options and extensive range of materials mainly include following 6 groups below:

Laminates MDF, wood veneer

Available with wide spectrum of color and wood grain inculdes embossed register wood texture panel which looks and touch really natural wood.

Acoustic panel

Acoustic panels are used to absorb noise and echo reflection from wall, it comes with many types to meet specific area of application such as conference room,  school hall, study room, theater, restaurant etc.

Acoustic fiber panel 

Polyester base fiber panel has great impact on sound proof and echo control in a room, also ideal for wall decorative purpose, it come with many cut patterns, fabric textures and colors for interior design project.

A good substitution of marble

MDF base imitated marble panel which looks and hand feels with excellent fidelity of nature marble. Water resistance panel which is ideal for moisture area such as in wash room. The panel has much less weight than real stone which is easy to handle during installation, a good option in substitution of expensive nature marble.

Laminates artificial leather

MDF base panel laminates with artificial leather, it comes with wide range of leather texture and panel design pattern from which we can create warm and soft feeling environment to meet interior design project need. 

Aluminum composite panel

We use this material for indoor application on public area such as lobby, hall, corridor etc. The panels come with brush metal finishing and wide spectrum of color coating, durable for anti-scratches.