Wall Cladding System

Smart way to build up interior wall cover with high efficiency, ease of installation that requires less manpower to handle, get operation cost less and make renovation project turn faster.

The wall cladding system available with many design options and extensive range of materials for interior design projects, giving a smart choice for your next project.

Why cladding system 

Cladding system help to resolve technical limitation from traditional skill of work and enhance work efficient dramatically, speeding up construction lead-time.  We help architects to develop wall cover from conceptual plan by providing technical solution and supply of factory pre-fabricated modules in term of project. Use of materials can be quite different which is subject to the nature of project and area of application, enable us get rid of the timely consuming process from traditional skill, getting simplify construction process with significant improvement.

Improve work efficiency

Skip off timely consuming processes such as stucco work, sanding and painting cycles or wall paper laminates that require a lot of skillful work.

Less technical skill requires

Brand new design is made much user friendly, minimize the technical skill requires, make it easier to handle like home DIY maintenance work.

System can be updated

Upon to renewal after couple of years, simply release the paneling one by one and replace it with new panels at same dimension, easy to update without rebuild it from the beginning.

Environmental protection

With cladding system, we produce less construction waste materials, less dusty work, less harmful chemicals evaporated from painting solvent, less consumption in materials/energy that help our global less contamination.

Available type of materials use on wall cladding system

Panel modules are pre-fabricated in according to project drawing, it's ready to proceed installation upon cargo received.

Installation demo

There are several types of cladding method, the way we choose is subject  to the nature of  application and material use, herewith introducing one of our cladding system installation by plug-in type which is made of of ABS plastic device interlocked together, it's suitable for apply on flat dry wall only. 
If the wall is too rough like a brick wall surface, we need another profile system to compensate the uneven flatness, keep us contact for more information.