why we need to change to internal wall cladding system

Why wall cladding system

Traditional way of renovation work has so many drawbacks:

- Low output efficient due to human factor,
- Require high experienced labor and craftmanship,
- Lacks of young people willing to engage in the field.
- Long construction lead-time due to several processes which must be step by step in sequential order.

All these issues in resulting to expensive overhead. In addition to a lot of construstion waste materials were produced every day, dusty spread all overall the construction site while stucco sanding and chemical solvent evaporated while spraying, all these contaminated issue have to be resolved. Let's get rid of it with ONE-STEP SOLUTION.

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Wall Cladding System VS Conventional Processes

Brand new technical designed cladding system that simplify installation complexity, more flexibility on design options, less technical skill required and less man power involved. A smart solution for cost effective green building environment.
Pre-fabricated Modules
greatly improve productivity

In substitution of labor intensive work and timely consuming processes. Let's cut down operation cost and construction lead-tme dramatically..

Unleash inspiration of design
Make concept real

Wide specturm of material boards can be used as long as it available on the building material markets and has great flexibility on design that fulfill any perference style .

interior wall cladding system for interior design projects
Speed up work efficient
Time is money

Brand new design system giving ease of installation, less technical skill requires and less man power to handle, high operation efficient that saving cost.

Environmental protection
Health green build

With cladding system, we produce less construction waste materials, less dusty work, less harmful chemicals evaporated from painting solvent, less consumption in materials/energy that help our global less contamination. 

Major Material Types

Wide variety of material choices can be used as long as the it available on the material market, create unlimit possibilities.
High Pressure laminates panels

Laminated panel

Available wide specturm of pain color and wood grain texture laminate panels include embossed wood grain texture, veneer and fireproof panel with MDF or plywood material base at E1 standard, 

imitated marble stone panel is a good substitution of nature stones

Imitated stone panel

Marble stone texture laminated panel with excellent fidelity which is an ideal alternative in substitution of nature stone, water proof and anti-scratches, Average cost is only about 15 % of real stone on same size.

slotted type acoustic panel for wall cladding system

Acoustic hard panel

Acoustic panels are used to absorb indoor noise reflection, it comes with many types to meet specific area of application such as in conference room, school hall, library,theater ...etc.

fabric laminates polyester type wall cladding panel

Acoustic soft panel

Polyester base fiber panel has great impact on sound aborption and noise control in a room, and also ideal for wall decorative purpose. We use this apply to hotel guest room, dance room, gym room , karaoke...etc.

Aluminum composite panel for internal wall cladding system

Aluminum composite panel

Available with metallic brush or polyester powder coat finishing durable for both external and interior wall cladding project, it can be folded, bend, CNC mills to hollow graphic pattern to meet specific design.

perforated metal panel for internal wall cladding system

Metal perforated panel

Perforated panel has same function as acoustic panel absorb sound reflection or as noise barrier wall along sides on highway. We apply this technique not only on wall, but also apply to suspended ceiling system.

Interior Wall Cladding System

Our work is collaborated with architects, interior designers and contractors by turning initial conceptual plan to reality with cost effective solution.

Customers just only need to send us visual rendering or photo as reference guide, floor plan is essential and tell us briefing on basic requirements. Then, we do all the rest from technical design, custom fabrication and installation.( installation is an optional service in HK and south China only)

Basic steps to order

Price is determined by several conditions such as: material type, specification, area of application and project conditions on every case.
Hence, we need to understand your project briefing on requirements and conditions before a proposal offer is made. 


Choose the right material 

First let's know the area of application, so we can propose suitable material options, or tell us the preference you wanted. Price is greatly depends on material specification & facade design.


Determine the design

Facade panel sizes have many design options which can be standardized & customized to fit-in actual wall plan. We use computer 3D simulation to rendering effective design proposal.   


Costing evaluation

Quote price is based on total material consumption quantities, design layout, panel cut sizes and project conditions.
Hence, clear information is essential for accurated quote.



We provide technical drawing on wall plan detail and sample swatches for approval before production. Fastest production lead-time minimum 3 weeks upon approval.