What we do?


* Provide technical solution for customers who require custom fixtures fulfill with project requirements.

* Products development, features & quality improvement, optimizes production method for better performance.


* Turns visual materials (photo, rendering or idea) to practical fixtures at cost efficient solution.

* We work from without technical drawing or samples submitted to us in many cases, we create just from visual + briefing.

* Brainstorming alternative product design for better pricing & features ratio. Keep thinking out of the box!


* In-house core production subjects: metal fabrication and Joinery.

* Cross-Industries production solution - We're team builder for complicated projects involve several topics of work.


Aluminum extrusion, Building Materials, shopfitting & Display, Engineering Fixtures

Supply in term of pre-fabricated modules

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About Us

              We're a Hong Kong base enterprise operates in Jiangmen and Foshan cities, Guangdong China, provides excellent professional industrial design and manufacture service  with key topics on shopfitting system, point of purchase display for retail brands, modular fixtures for building, engineering and industrial aspects.

              We engaged in metal fabrication since 2004 trading name as Wah Fung Metal Hardware in Jiangmen city, over a decade years of manufacture service had accumulated excellent experience on wide variety of industrial topics. Maneuver on industrial design at which we concentrated on metal fabrication as core production subject. Our factory is kept as least operation sizes at which the plant area around 5K square meters, keeping around 60 staffs. However, our production efficient is highly optimized by automation with advance CNC machineries, kepting effort and resource on product design/development and quality management. Greenland Industrial Co., Limited is our subsidiary specialized on joinery in Foshan City where we work closely together with associated supply chain on various industrial aspects providing a complete integrated production for stunning team build projects.

               Our works is collaborative with architect, designer, engineer and marketing team, provide value adding service with efficient solution at fairly competitive price. Let's resolve project problem that you’re facing, and we’ll build a dynamic and unique solution. Create value for our clients that's been our valuable commitment since we first went into the business.