Why modular shopfittings

Modular architecture enables us to configure huge display fixtures quickly on retail display project,  giving cost effective solution with maximum operation efficient on renovation, having several advantages below: 


Design Concern - Easy to configure, extend, adjust and replace with its' interchangeable components system.


Manufacture Concern - Optimize production efficiency by standardized components, make production management better.


Installation Concern -  Less technical skill required, less effort and fast to set-up, time saving also means money saving.


Logistics concern - Less shipping volume, less handling and less overhead expense.

Slatwall display with multi-design

Practical and versatile design ranging include modular wall panel system, wall cabinetry, island gondola ideal for most general display purpose in budgetary.

 Modular shelving system

Available with standard and custom design options for used on mid to high end specialty stores, available with couple of series provide unrivalled design configuration compliant to the topic of merchandie and the interior design tone. 

Keep it fully utilized at all time

Great mobility designed for both use on exhibition events and showroom, portable light weight components, quick setup/KD design, keep it as conventional product display in your showroom after exhibition. 

Keep on shopping whilst in queue

Queues are inevitable and it is important to help to reduce any potential stress whilst waiting in long queue for check out, take this opportunity for better sales and make customers enjoy shopping journey.

Retail display wall modules

Make huge display wall by components base modular architecture, the system is available with wide range of specific shopfitting components adaptive to display any kind of retail merchandises, provide an effective display fixture solution for your stores.

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