Modular shelving system

We have several types of modular display shelving system with generic design provides full custom or semi-custom option which is ready for immediate production as long as the store plan layout configuration has been determined, this help us saving expensive cost from store theme design and development stages. Our system is highly flexible and adaptive to fit-in any kinds of merchandies display need, first let's know the topics of your merchandises, project plan and time frame, then we make proposal offer at fairly competitive price.

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Retail wall display system

Pre-fabricated modules production by topic for specific merchandises topic and complied to unique theme design of retail brands, it's ready for immediate installation once arrival, principle of design is simple! Modularity make it easier to handle, installation runs fast, enhance overall productivity & competitiveness. 

TIME IS MONEY that no need to explain, Just need a smart way to do it well and quickly!

Grid module display system

A highly practical fixture system provides versatile display solution on various fields of application. No welding joints and no screws to fix-it! Simply press down the wrench to lock every joint-clip, setup the whole structure with less effort. The grid-framed structure not only as shelving fixture, but also transformable to showcase, cabinetry, lightscreen, booth or as modular furniture system at large scale.

Total Display Fixtures Solution for Retail Brands

Provide total display fixtures solution for retail brands. The reference video was an team built project for UGG retail chain stores run more than 2 years period since the program had begun in 2008, We had produced diversified ranging of display fixtures for sequential UGG new stores established in Europe and Asia pacific countries. 

POP Display for Retail Brands

How to attract customer sign at a glance is the focus point of every retail brand, an attractive professional display pay an important role on the marketing strategy. Small investment on display fixtures bring high return on sale revenue, so why every retail brand kept on regular run new display project every year in order to keep up-to-date fresh image to their customers. This is advertising program.

From concept creation to final products, we provide value adding service by creating value for our clients since 2004, provide amazing display fixture solution for international retail brands.