Modular Furniture System

Modular architecture enables us quickly develop furniture solutions from our component-based system, providing unrivalled flexibility to tailor to a wide range of needs from commercial to home furniture. Providing a unique spectrum of solutions with faster lead times to serve you better. We design solutions that balance functionality, flexibility and creativity for maximum return on investment.

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Principle of work

How it's work - same technical principle as shopfitting system by using an innovative aluminum upright post concept as key frame in corporate with series of components such as cabinets, drawers, shelving units and more exclusive components for specific application, the shelving systems provide unrivalled flexibility with the ability to modify the design at anytime in the future by adding extra shelves and components when needed. The upright post can be fixed in a choice of methods; floor to ceiling fixed, floor to wall supported or free-standing and all the components can be attached at desired combination. The system allows for easy shipping by knock down components and quick assembly.

Key Features and Benefits

Components base furniture system suitable from commercial to residential area
Components Base
Creative and intelligent solutions

Our innovative system composite with upright post, shelving unit, cabinet, drawer, table and more customized fixtures with standardized or customized dimension from which enable us create unlimited choice of configuration

Easy to Use 
Design for user friendly

Principle of work is designed for least technique able to handle like DIY flat pack furniture, we provide 3d sectup manual and video tutor helping customers easy to manage setup themselves.

Adaptive to Change
Unleash the volue of your space

Components base system offers a great flexibility to add, adjust or remove components base on individual need and personal perference. No other conventional furniture can compare with this outstanding features.

Custom Solution
Meet individual need

Whether you use it for commercial project on retail shop display, office furniture, home interior design project and so on... we cordially provide custom solution from design to installation. (Installation available in Hong Kong only).

Steps to order

Price is determined by the system configuration on every case, simply tell us the basic information on step 1 below


Basic information to us

Measure the area you will use this system, take us photo and tell us how you want to use it for. That's enough for us to initiate a proposal for you.
OR you're welcome to come to our office to have evaluation on our system sample and discuss.


Determine the design 

We do all the rest based on your brief information, give you bespoke proposal, tailor the solution to your need. There's no service charge and obligation for initial design proposal.


Quotation by configuration

Quotation is made base the design configuration. Once the pricing and configuration has been confirmed, then we enter the order stage.


Production to installation

We provide technical drawing and sample color swatches for approval before production commence, normal production leadtime plus installation should reserve 28+ days. Installation service available in Hong Kong only.