Features and Benefits

Our retail wall system offers a great choice for your new store design, it’s versatility in design and ease of installation allows us to create perfect display option to present your merchandises in a highly professional manner.

Versatility in Design

The key module likes our wall cladding system composed of wall panels at different width which is adaptive to any available wall space to suit every floor plan design.

Flexibility to change

Interchangeable shopfitting components allow us easy to modify the design in future by adding extra components, adjust or remove at any time when needed.

Adaptive to any retail store project

The system layout design is subject to the topic of your products and the store plan, incorporate with ranging of specific shopfitting components to fit for your products. 

Ease of installation

Make huge fixture to smaller sizes that become easier in  handling from shipping to on-site operation. The way of installation is close similar to our wall cladding system by wall mounted aluminum profiles system.