DIY slatwall modular panel
  product overview  

DS-126 series modular slatwall panel available with 2 types by landscape and portrait, we make it at standard dimension 120 x 60 cm at either type, grooves are installed with heavy gauge aluminum profile and all edges are well laminated with plastic edges. Our panel modules are design to much easier to handle and installation than conventional slatwall type, simply mounted pair of aluminum track on wall and fixed the brackets on back side of panel, snap them together to fix, photo No.4 illustrates the basic setup procedures. Easy fix, add and replace, ideal for retail shop, showroom, workshop, garage etc.

1. Landscape sizes - 120L x 60H cm each. 2. Portrait sizes - 60L x 120H cm each. 3. Quick installation by claddding on wall tracks. 4. How to install procedures. 5. Shelf clamp D-120. 6. Use a pair of shelf clamps on each shelf. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1
Custom design for retail store project

Provide custom design and fabrication for merchandies brand, retail store and showroom renovation project, fast leadtime and competitive price.

7. Four ways island gondola. 8. Slatwall cabinetry with options of configuration. 9. Mid level wall side cabinetry. 10. All materials used at envirnoment protection E1 and certified fire retardent standard. 11. POS project photo. 12. Project photo. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1