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A smart way for Display, Manage and Storage solution

Modular shelving system allows us to quickly develop display-furniture solutions from our component-based system, providing flexibility to tailor to a wide range of needs from commercial to home furniture.

Our modular fixture and accessory designs are proven, providing a unique spectrum of solutions with faster lead times to serve you better. We design solutions that balance functionality, flexibility and creativity for maximum return on investment. Our component-based system has been developed to different product series target to specific applications.

Advantages V high flexibility and adaptive to individual need, durable, easy to assemble, simple to update, renewable and completely customizable. Its the easy choice for your next project.

How the shelving system works
Using an innovative aluminum upright post concept as key frame, the shelving systems provide unrivalled flexibility with the ability to modify the design at anytime in the future by adding extra shelves and components when needed. The upright post can be fixed in a choice of methods; floor to ceiling fixed,  floor to wall supported or free-standing and all the components can be attached at desired combination. The system allows for easy shipping by KD components and quick assembly.
Basic principle of how the system is evolved
Key Features and Benefits

1. Contemporary design solutions that can adapt to changing environments.

2. Premium materials and production principles applied.

3. Fully customizable specifications to meet the design brief.

4. Easy to assemble, disassemble or move the system.

5. Available with a large range of interchangeable components.

6. Lightweight appearance with high load bearing capabilities.

7. Extensive range of colors and finishes available.

8. Best practice environmental and recycling credentials.

9. Suitable for commercial and domestic applications.

10. Take it with you as you move house or business, never waste.