Shelving System

Modular shelving system allows us quickly develop display solutions from our component-based system, providing unrivalled flexibility to tailor to a wide range of needs on retail stores. Offers a unique spectrum of solutions with less effort on design stage and faster lead times for retail store renovation project. We design solutions that balance functionality, flexibility and creativity for maximum return on fixture investment. 

Outstanding Features

Short cut to design solution  

Generic design ready to start production as soon as the design configuration is figured out, give you and effective solution for your display project.  

Flexibility to change

Modular architecture allows us easy to modify the design in future by adding extra components, adjust or remove at any time when needed.

Unrivalled variability 

By Using an innovative aluminum upright post concept as key frame in corporate with series of exclusive design components and available with options of surface finishing complied with the tone of interior design.

Durable for cycle uses 

Tenancy contract terms of shopping mall will periodically renew every 2~3 years, shops are required to relocate or renovate upon new contract period comes. Our system is proven mechanical design for easy setup and knock down for many cycles which can be fully reused in new location. 

Development by project case

Every project case is different, no two clients order the same system configuration from us, our work like a fashion tailor, making unique dress for every client. Simply tell us the merchandise topic of your specialty store and floor plan etc., then we do the fixtures proposal address to your need.
We serve both local and export markets(exclude overseas installation), production lead time 30 days up plus shipping time.