Queue management display system
  product overview  
The system creates organized shopping queues and direct customers into the required line, where opportunities for impulse shopping are optimized. Not only do they have a clear function in managing queues, they also have the real benefit of driving sales.

We provide custom design and manufacture plan for best approach according to the optimal set-up for each project.

1. The system composed upright pole and slat panel as main frame with options of configuration. 2. Basic combination example of L turn corner, wire basekts, shelves and specific fixtures can be attached in best approach. 3. Display both sides on slatwall. 4. The upright can be attached with banner and bowl for promotional items. 5. Sturdy slat panel modules by heavy guage metal. 6. All accessories are adjustable and detachable. lightbox jquery joomlaby VisualLightBox.com v6.1