More Series cater for specific application

Apart from our flagship X-Series on previous page, we have couples of series address to the solution on specific area of application, available with extensive range of design include both standard and custom options. We provide free consultation and quote accordingly to different cases, offer a cost effiective solution for your display project.

1. M SERIES - proven sturdy design, quick fix without screws. 2. M SERIES - products showcase with lightbox and  storage cabinet. 3. M SERIES - product showcase with lightscreen backdrop. 4. M SERIES - product showcase for exhibition. 5. M SERIES - many frame structure can be qucikly built and KD, great for roadshow event. 6. R SERIES - quick joint system by casting alloy. 7. R SERIES - easy to create many format. 8. R SERIES - example on product display. 9. R SERIES - example on exhibition booth. 10. C SERIES - versatile design for wide array of applications. 11. C SERIES - with light box on window front. 12. C SERIES - wall section with led lightbox header. 13. C SEREIS - framed glass shelves option. 14. C SEREIS - island gondola 3 modules in one, more modules can be linked. 15. D SERIES - island gondola with perforated panel option. 16. D SERIES - heavy gauge metal series for heavy items. 17. D SERIES - design combination demo. 18. H SERIES - design for fashion brand. 19. H SERIES - LED lighting along the rails. 20. H SERIES - project for deluxe fashion store. 21. H SERIES - more project photo. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1