Point of Sale Display
  We create value for retail merchandies brands  
The role of POS display design has play an important role as product packaging design, it's a kind of advertising tackle to make your products be more attractive to customers and enhance brand image. An attractive display can help to bring outstanding growth of sale volume. We have been working on this subject for retail merchandises brands since 2003. Service overview:
  • Display concept development by 3D rendering design.
  • Technical design and make revision on features improvement.
  • Bespoke manufacture by in-house and outsource production.
  • Quality mangement on cross industries supply chain.
POS display (project examples)
1. Custom product holders  fit to your merchandies. 2. Project example for musical equipment. 3. Two ways slim floor stand. 4. Two ways floor stand with adjustable shelves. 5. Floor stand with branding strips, KD design. 6. Perforated curved metal stands. 7. Example of perforated metal stand. 8. Canopy by laser cut stencil logo with back light. 9. One side is slatwall, other side is lightbox. 10. Pine wood display for wine brand. 11. 4 ways tower display. 12. Endcap tower display. 13. Wall cabinetry modules. 14. Counter top display for headset. lightbox jquery joomlaby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
revolving racks (project examples)
1. Metal perforated stand. 2. Perforated stands at classic furniture design. 3 Two ways perforated panel at oval type. 4 Grid types. 5 Multi axis type. 6. Wirewear pocket type. 7 Shelves type. 8. Wind wheel type -floor version. 9. Wind wheel type - counter version. 10. Foamboard branding insert as wings. 11. H type - 2 ways for products, 2 ways for branding. 12. Magnetized rubber surface on which attract metal tin boxes. 13. Lantern type - by perforated metal. 14. Lantern type - by wirewear. lightbox jquery joomlaby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
standard item
1. Revolving stand model G5. 2. Look closer of G5. lightbox jquery joomlaby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
  product overview:  
Revolving rack model G5 is a practical design for display any small sizes merchandises with euro-hole or loop on itsˇ¦ packing.
G5 is full metal structure design with smooth and durable bearing mechanism, high density perforated panels by heavy gauge metal coated with durable epoxy powder coating which is quite different in comparing to open market. The product comes with knock down packing that save shipping cost, easy self setup design.

Overall dimension:170 cm height, base diameter 55 cm, perforated panel sizes : 36 x130 cm, included 96 pcs eurohook for each set.

  This model G5 is in stock item for sell to local retail stores.