Modular Racks

Modular architecture allows us to quickly develop display fixtures solution with key benefits:

  • Component-based system offers a great flexibility to tailor to wide range of needs include both standard and custom options.
  • Share components apply to different combinations in resulted less investment on fixtures development.
  • Interchangeable components are easy to assemble, adjust, update and replace if damage.
  • Fast cycle production lead-time, sustain quality production.
  • Smaller shipping volume, easier handling and less operation expense, getting cost efficient result.
1. Modular frame unit with shelves. 2. Frame units linked in series. 3. Wall modules combination with hooks rails, shelves and clothes rails. 4. Wall modules for sport shoes. 5. Wall modules for lingeries. 6. Wall modules with back lighting. 7. Wall modules for sportware. 8. All modules are KD for shipping and easy assembly. 9. Island modules for sportware. 10. Island modules for ties and belts. 11. Island modules for clothing accessories. 12. socks display. 13. Wall modules for boots. 14. Project for UGG England year 2009. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1