Bespoke design solution for every project case

The following projects application were mainly evolved from X-series component-based system, providing a great flexibility to tailor to wide range of needs on diversified fields. We have well developed series of components system ready for immediately production as soon as the design configuration has been determined, fastest production lead-time within 21 working days for small project. Whether youˇ¦re interior designer or direct end-user, we cordially provide a bespoke solution with total satisfaction.

retail display section
1. Island gondola in series. 2. Switches to slatwall by removing the shelves. 3. Slatwall option. 4. Display wall cabinetry. 5. Products showcases. 6. Movable island gondola. 7. Shop display project. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1
showroom section
1.Project for Watson Group HK in 2014. 2. Winery showroom. 3. Apparel showroom. 4. Movable showcases for exhibition events. 5. Project for exhibition. 6. Product display fixtures. 7. Brochures display fixtures. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1
office furniture section
1. Customized workstation. 2. Keep everything at handy position. 3. Display and well organizes. 4. Unleash the value of expensive commercial space. 5. Keep it clear with sliding door system. 6. More slide door option. 7. Design options of modular set. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1
home use section
1. Living room furniture - custom build to order. 2. TV and collectives display shelving kisok. 3. Customized kisok for TV, audio equipment,  computer periherals and display collective CD album. 4. Workstation - for home use. 5. All purpose kisok design for HK market. 6. Home base office workstation. 7. Great design for small living space. 8. Great flexibility to creat many combinations. 9. Adaptive to change with its' modular structure. 10. Keep environment clear with slide doors. 11. Built to meet individual perference. 12. Modular structure adaptive to any living room. 13. Separated as next room. 14. More living room furnitture design. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1
others section
1. Hotel guest room furniture project. 2. Table and bench set. 3. Display fixtures in function room. 4. Mirror fixtures in saloon and beauty. 5. Literature display. 6. Project for Singapore polytechnic library. 7. Free stand modules. 8. More book shelves design. 9. CD ablum display in library. 10. Customized sliding trays. 11. Medical centre - patients file record system. 12. Addtional slided door with locker. 13. Customized curved design. 14. Architectural project. lightbox jquery joomlaby v6.1